We Provide Professional Services


Customer satisfaction is the main goal at SL Elevators. We design our elevators to handle high traffic load. We have different Annual Maintenance Contract Packages (AMC) for different types of elevators. We make sure to give cost effective solution to our customers for elevator repair and replacement.

We provide services such as installation, maintenance and after sales services. We have designed an online application as to respond to each query or complaint quickly and efficiently and follow up to ensure that the customer is fully satisfied. Our services are available at the most variable prices and involve modernization of old Elevators by replacing them with the latest model of elevators.

We take care of all the requirements of yours related to elevator and ensure timely delivery of service to allow you focus on your core work.


A team of qualified and experienced technicians supports us in our Service Division to ensure that the quality of workmanship and performance are of a high standard, through the diligent supervision of installation, testing and adjustment work. With the support from Japan and other regional offices, SL Elevators provides seamless installation experience to your projects.

Safety and Quality

Our Quality Assurance Department thoroughly inspects equipment at each installation stage as well as before commissioning to ensure compliance with high quality assurance standards.


With the continuous training and stringent maintenance set up by SL Elevators. We strive to achieve optimum performance at all times. Our reliable and professional maintenance team ensures that Hitachi’s vertical transportations are safe, comfortable and provide best travel experience at all times. We also provide best in industry service response through our dedicated response center and our maintenance teams to ensure maximum customer delight.

  • Minimum downtime as our efficient engineers provides on-site diagnostic arrangement
  • Quality Standards as per international and national norms
  • Maintenance scheduling as per the requirement (monthly or yearly)
  • Computerized monitoring for better operational efficiency
  • 24/7 maintenance
  • Only genuine parts used
  • We have Installation and maintenance specialists/engineers for new technology elevator


Despite of quality maintenance, the system of any elevator becomes more prone to breakdowns and elevator become less efficient. We at SL specializes in modernizing the already installed old elevator.

We provide in depth analysis of your elevator even if we are not your service provide as of now. Often, we find that problems you may be having with your elevator systems is a result of poor maintenance, which can be fixed with some upfront repairs followed by a better and more efficient service program.

Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) :

It is not only mandatory by Government lift department but also essential for your own safety and convenience, to have the AMC of your lift from qualified- licencenced elevator contractors. SL Elevators is licensed elevator contractor by P.W.D., Lift department, Rajasthan to maintain and install all types of lifts.

Royal AMCs are designed to meet every customer’s needs in cost effective manner. Our trained and appropriately skilled personnel will regularly examine, lubricate and clean the machine, motor, controller, bearings, guides and if required make minor adjustments to ensure smooth and safe operation of elevator. Apart from routine checkups emergency breakdown services is also provided in AMCs.

We offer two types of AMCs viz.
1. SL Comprehensive AMC
2. SL Ordinary AMC